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Cremation Committal Services when arranged by families

Catholic Cemeteries encourages cremation burial to follow the same process as a funeral with a casket. Use of a funeral director’s services, funeral mass at the parish, and a blessing at the grave-side, crypt or cremation niche is recommended and encouraged.

However, cremation affords families the occasion to handle burial arrangements without the assistance of a funeral director. For these arrangements, the following procedures and guidelines are recommended for your review.

Before purchasing a cremation urn, families should review the cemetery’s rules and regulations regarding the appropriateness of the container and the maximum permitted urn size for the intended burial space.

Glass front cremation niches have additional regulations concerning the overall characteristics of urn type, composition, inscription, epitaphs, and related concerns over the urn to be displayed.

Cremation Committal Services at Catholic Cemeteries

1. Urns must be smaller than the vault to fit. For best fit in our cemetery urn vault (13 x 8 x 10) an urn should not exceed 12 ½ ” x 6 ” x 7 ½”
2. Please review the printed rules for restrictions in cremation niches.
3. Families should appoint one member as a spokesperson to contact the cemetery office to make arrangements. Please contact the cemetery one to two weeks before the intended burial date. 
4. Cremated remains should NEVER be mailed to the cemetery office.
5. Families completing arrangements without a funeral director are REQUIRED TO PRESENT IN PERSON OR FAX all documents to the cemetery office 48 hours before the committal service. 
6. Your committal service will not be scheduled unless this step is completed.

Additional concerns:
Late fees apply at the time of arrival at the cemetery office. Families should be prepared to pay in full these charges.

Incidental fees (for example an opening affidavit fee when the original certificate is not presented) must also be paid in full at the cemetery office before the committal service.

Cancellation fees apply for canceling a scheduled committal service.