There are three distinct groups that must be considered in the exercise of the Corporal Work of Mercy known as the Burial of the Dead. Those who are buried, entombed, or inurned in our cemeteries are the first group. The Rules and Regulations are written for their protection. These individuals are entitled, even after they have died, to respectful burial, to the care and maintenance of their interment spaces, to a holy and beautiful environment of the Catholic cemetery, in recognition of our belief that cemeteries are “resting places” as we await as a community of faith for the final resurrection.

The second group consists of the survivors and visitors to Catholic Cemeteries . Among this group would be those who have purchased spaces for future use, those who have loved ones or friends buried in one or more of our cemeteries, those who utilize our cemeteries as places for prayer and meditation, or those who come to our cemeteries to render services either to families or cemetery management and operations.

The third group that must be considered includes the Catholic Church itself, its rituals, disciplines and procedures, cemetery management and all cemetery support staff who are charged not only with the application of the Church’s directives, but who also must interact with families requiring our services, or visitors and others who come to the cemeteries to render services either on behalf of families or cemetery management.

These Rules and Regulations are designed to chart a course of mutual cooperation and protection for all of these groups and the individuals within them. They are intended to help sanctify the living memories of those buried within the cemeteries and to create an environment within the cemeteries that awakens faith and brings consolation. The enforcement of the rules will assist in protecting the cemeteries, creating and preserving their beauty, and ensuring that the interests of all concerned parties are equally addressed.

Rules and Regulations play an important part in the beautification and preservation of the sacred resting place of the faithful departed. They are intended not as restraining, but rather as defining an orderly plan of operation, care and permanent maintenance.

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